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This page in a nutshell: This page is about User:KageTora, or, me.

Username: KageTora (カゲトラ) (IPA /'kage 'tora/) 👍42 users like this.

Reason I Use Wikipedia: I use Wikipedia because Wikipedia has an article on everything!

Signature: --KageTora - SPQW - (影虎) (talk) 23:54, 17 November 2009 (UTC)

Nationality: British, (Scouser)

Profession: Japanese<>English Translator; Language Instructor; IT Instructor; Tech-Writer; Web Designer (Yes, I design new places to live for homeless spiders).

My Claim to Fame: I am directly descended from a very famous lady called Lucy

Location: United Kingdom

Age: Private, but if you must ask, I am nearly 40.

Languages Spoken: English (native), Japanese (JLPT1), Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Russian, Latin

Main Areas Of Interest: Languages, Archaeology, History, Computer Technology, Music, Computer Gaming, and making machinima.

Most Visited Websites: Wikipedia, BBC News, News Of The Weird, Cracked, Translators' Café, Gaijin Pot, et al.

Most Played Games: Men of War, Faces of War, Order of War, Dawn of War, Medieval 2: Total War, Napoleon Total War, World In Conflict - basically anything with three words in the title, and involving war, plus Battlefield 2142, Sins of a Solar Empire, and many others, which don't have three words in the title, but involve war.

YouTube Channel: KageToraUK

OS Used: Windows XP Prof (Japanese); Windows Vista (English); Win7 (English); Mac OS X 10.4, Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) (English)

Archives of my Talk Page: User_talk:KageTora/Archive 1

Useful Stuff for Me: KageTora's Useful Stuff

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