Onyeike Izuchi Juliet

Onyeike Izuchi Juliet, is a script writer, digital marketer, editor,translator,educator, writer and a member of Wikimedia Igbo User Group. She is a contributor to an affiliate Wikipedia foundation Group and as an advocate for Igbo cultures and traditions, she would like to contribute more to the development and preservation of Igbo cultures and traditions to enable the Igbo reading populace,read and see articles in their language that explores their culture, traditions and norm on Wikipedia.


A citizen of Nigeria from Umuokereke Kindred in Amassato Autonomous Community of Umule village in Aba, Abia State. In a family of 8, she is the fifth daughter.


She did her Primary Education at 67 Infantry Battalion Primary School now Comprehensive Primary and Secondary School, Umule in the year 2006 and attended Umuocham Girls'Secondary School for her Secondary Education. She finished her degree in English Language in from the department of English and Literary Studies in the faculty of Education of University of Nigeria, Nsukka with an affiliate College known as "Alvan Ikeoku Federal College of Education". In a family of 8, she is the fifth daughter.


Onyeike Izuchi Juliet is a writer whose works are yet to be published, a script writer, a teacher, editor and translator with Wikimedia Igbo User Group and a Google Local Guide with Google Maps. She did few professional courses in HTML and CSS, Climatic Change, Digital marketing, Strategic human resource and Use of computer and graphics.

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