I am a software engineer that started a brand new intranet MediaWiki site (1.5.7) for my organization in a WIMP environment in March 2006. Creating content has become addicting, now I just have to convince my cohorts to take a look at it.

Anyway, I wrote my first program in 1981 (eek! 25 years ago), been programming daily since 1987, got a BS in Computer Science & Engineering in 1992, and have been getting paid for this stuff since 1990. So, please excuse my MediaWiki newbie-ness at missing stuff that seems intuitively obvious to Wikians when it seems boggling that the I understand "X", which is so much more complicated.

You can reach me via email.

My RequestsEdit

Wanna clue me in?

Mispeelings - What are these Mispeeling pages in my 1.5.7 MediaWiki namespace? What do I do with them?