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Hi, I'm Juliancolton. I'm a global rollbacker; that role enables me to fight cross-wiki vandalism. I'm also a local administrator at the English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. According to sulutil, my global editcount is approaching 160,000. I speak predominately English, although I'm in the process of learning Spanish and can understand basic conversations. I was formerly an admin and bureaucrat at several more projects, including here at Meta, and served as a global sysop from 2010–2012. Unfortunately, real life got in the way and I became mostly inactive for several years. As of early 2017, I have a little more free time and am slowly becoming involved in the community again.

I've been an active editor to Wikimedia projects since late 2007, starting with the English Wikipedia. I spent my first year there, where I became established as a meteorology-related content contributor and became an administrator in September 2008. My activity there started winding down gradually as I became more involved in other projects, such as the Simple English Wikipedia, and now my contributions include cross-wiki matters.

If you need any help involving the aforementioned project, feel free to contact me through my talk page or email. I'm also often on IRC in the #wikimedia-stewardsconnect channel.

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