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Evidence that Echo Chambers are real - or not edit

  • Flaxman, S., Goel, S., & Rao, J. M. (2016). Filter bubbles, echo chambers, and online news consumption. Public opinion quarterly, 80(S1), 298-320.

Evidence that homophily is over-stated edit

  • Bode, L. (2017). Pruning the news feed: Unfriending and unfollowing political content on social media. Research & Politics, 3(3). (Nutshell: Unfriending over politics is rare and mostly occurs among most partisan.)

Evidence of selective curation edit

  • Shin, J., & Thorson, K. (2017). Partisan Selective Sharing: The Biased Diffusion of Fact-Checking Messages on Social Media: Sharing Fact-Checking Messages on Social Media. Journal of Communication, 67(2), 233–255.

Nudging diverse exposure edit

  • Gillani, N., Yuan, A., Saveski, M., Vosoughi, S., & Roy, D. (2018, April). Me, my echo chamber, and I: introspection on social media polarization. In Proceedings of the 2018 World Wide Web Conference (pp. 823-831).