Hi, I'm JoJan, I'm retired and live in Belgium.

I'm a native Dutch speaker, but I'm also fluent in English, rather good in French and can make myself being understood in German. I used to know Latin, but I have forgotten most of it (however some fragments are gradually coming back).

My main interest is the translation of English common names of Flora and Fauna into Dutch.

Therefore I'm constantly struggling with the ever changing taxonomy of these plants and animals.

I have more than a thousand pages, collected over many years, to be put gradually on Wikipedia.

This is a time-consuming task.

A little help from other (preferably native English-speaking) taxonomists (professional or amateur) would be most welcome, so as to review new articles and to settle disputes on names and synonyms.

Besides all this, my interests are broad : among them astronomy, cosmology, computers, translation (English -> Dutch) and reading a lot.

I am also an administrator on the en.wikipedia.