Currently work on text and data mining (in digital humanities and biomedical contexts), with applications to Wikidata.

News October 2020 Many thanks to WikiCite for awarding an e-Scholarship to our proposal below to improve coverage of MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) and add good quality (human-reviewed) PubMed Main topics to many thousands of biomedical articles on Wikidata.

A mini-hack to create bots and tools together with thousands of volunteer edits will be happening as part of this project: Wikicite/e-scholarship/Jkcm

Activities include WikiCite 2018

WikiCite 2018

I also contribute to English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons images.

I also help out with organisation of projects and meetup events in Cambridge, including Workshop for Wikidata 6th Birthday, Makespace, Cambridge, UK: d:Wikidata:ContentMine/Cambridge_Wikidata_Workshop