Maor Malul
Maor Malul
Member, Language Committee
Member, Affiliations Committee
"A fence to wisdom is silence". Rabbi Akiva.

About me

Wikipedian since 2005, I have been a member of Affiliations Committee from February 2013 until December 2019, its Chair since April 2014 until February 2017, and its Vice-chair between March 2017 and April 2018. Following a recommendation from the WMF Board liaisons to AffCom, I have been converted on October 2023 from my position as Advisor to full member, with my term ending on 31 December, 2024. I have also been a member of the Language Committee since 2012. Born in Barquisimeto, lived in Caracas until January 2013. Since then, I live in Jerusalem, Israel.

My work

I'm an admin at the Ladino Wikipedia, but also contribute in the Spanish, English and Portuguese wikis, as well as the Hebrew Wikipedia and the Wayuunaiki wikis at the Incubator. I am also member of Wikimedia Israel and Wikimedia Venezuela, where I was a founding member, its first Treasurer and later the vice-president until November 2014.

Contact me

  • Wikimedia username: Maor X
  • e-mail