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Wikisource Technical Drives edit

Why edit

The Wikisource project was our main focus area of our a2k team last year and we are planning to continue the same project focus area in the coming year. At present, none of the affiliate institutes of Wikimedia foundation have focused on such a Wikisource project.

Background: In each year Wikimedia tech team wants Community Wishlist about the technical issues from the community. The tech team works for the top 5 voted technical issues. But Wikisource community is very small compare to Wikipedia or commons. So our Wikisource issues were unattended because of a lack of votes, but each Task is very essential for Wikisource community.

Problem edit

Every year Wikimedia foundation does a Community Wishlist Survey for technical issues. But the technical teamwork only the top five issues among all Wikimedia Foundation projects. So the major issues facing the whole Wikisource community have been unattended. Below the link to the past issues raised by the community. There are plenty of Wikisource fabricator tasks unattended.

How edit

We need two dedicated technical staff to complete (on a contractual basis) the technical issues. One senior staff and one junior staff.

Task need to be fixed priority basis edit

  • task T154413 - Upload/import wizard for Wikisource works
  • task T179790 - Offer PDF export of entire Wikisource proofread books
  • task T74525 - harmonize Wikisource namespaces used by the ProofreadPage extension 12
  • task T173012 -Need Wikisource specific counter for "Without text", "Problematic" "Proofread" or "Validate" work.
  • task T85118 -Mobile-view for Wikisource needs the basic linkage for transcluded works to facilitate Proofreading in Page: namespace
  • task T186478- Create keyboard shortcuts for navigating in ProofreadPage
  • task T185722-Implement a 'Page quality' log for Wikisource and wikis using Proofread Page..
  • task T59807-Merge proofread text back into Djvu files
  • task T48724- Improve the Page: pages storage system
  • task T218350 - Special:ShortPages and Special:LongPages should filter by NS0 (main namespace) and also Page: namespace in all Wikisources

Book management 2014 Not Task created edit

  • Make Wikisource "book-based" ~~Book management 2014
  • Wikisource reading apps ( Android & iOS)

Transcluded book viewer with book pagination (

Proofreadthon edit

Two Proofreadthons Will continue in the coming year as per RFC‎ decision. The events will be conducted as per community wishes.


Indic Wikisource proofreadthon is now a flagship online event for Indic Wikisource Community.


It will be continue in May 2021 & November 2021.


Minimum 100 participants and 5000 pages will be proofread. Total 21 community members will be involved in the process.

Mediawiki Wikisource Hackathon edit

Apart from Wikisource special drive, we would plan another India Mediawiki Wikisource Hackathon 2020 in the coming year 2021-22, when new normal comes.

India Mediawiki Wikisource Hackathon 2020 was postponed due to COVID-19, so we have another plan for Wikisource Hackathon 2021 if new normal comes in India.

It is depending upon new rules and regulations and WMF mandate. It will be the plan in Chennai City, where last year planned.

We expect minimum 10 participants in this Wikisource Hackathon 2021.

Language domain-specific Workshop/community buildup edit

In the coming year, we have a focus on Odia. Malayalam and Assamese and Hindi Wikisource community when new normal comes. Last two years Assamese community grow up very well, in the coming years we will also work with the Assamese Wikisource community.

According to Recent changes and active user in the project, a most venerable project is Malayalam Wikisource and Odia Wikisource. We have a focus on these two projects.

If the new normal comes in India, we will conduct a Wikisource Workshop for Wikipedia Users of that language project.

Total 10 community members will be involved in the process in every language ( Assamese, Odia & Malayalam) .

Workshop for Newbies/Wikipedian of Wikisource edit

The Intensive Personalized Training and Skill sharing will be continued online.

Intensive Personalized Training and Skill sharing will our main focus if could not conduct any on-ground event in India.


Coming years span it will be always open to the community member, and also we will promote this support.


Total 3+ community members will be involved in the process.

Indic Wikisource Helpdesk edit

Indic Wikisource Helpdesk will continue in the coming year. For a complex page layout, sometimes wiki-librarians feel uncomfortable fixing the page and leave the Wikisource just for one page. It will continue the support at Indic Wikisource Helpdesk for Wiki-librarian.


Indic Wikisource Helpdesk is a continuous interaction with the community.


Indic Wikisource Helpdesk will continue in the coming year same as past year.

GLAM Partnerships development edit