Indic Wikisource Community

Indic Wikisource Community

Indic Wikisource Community is an a Indic language Wikisource community, a place for active Wikisource editors to gain access to the central resource that they need to do their work and to be supported in using those resources to improve the Wikisource library. We aim to make access and use of sources free, easy, collaborative and efficient.

Indic Wikisource Community is run by a team of Indian volunteers. We operate on a community-organized satellite model: we administer the global project but work with local coordinators in local Wikisource projects to help each community set up their own libraries.

Get in touch
  twitter: @Indicwikisource
  facebook: Indic Wikisource Community
  mailing list: Indic Wikisource
  irc: #Wikisource

What we do

Book Access: Arrange donations of free access to paywalled resources which editors can sign up for.
Source sharing: Create resource sharing pages where editors can request a source from other editors.
Tools: Build tools that help editors do research and connect to sources.

How you can get involved

Kit: We support your community to help build its own Wikisource resource. Contact us!
Become a coordinator: Help manage and improve the Indic Wikisource.
Donor outreach: Contact publishers and potential author. You can help.
Read the newsletter: Read about and stay up to date on our recent and ongoing activities.