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Learning Day Outcomes Wikimania 2016


Participants feedback

Feedback form distributed to Learning Day participants at WMCON 2016.

For this issue of Learning Days, we continued to use the feedback form from previous Learning Days. This template allowed participants to submit feedback on each session, and take notes for their own use back in their local community. This template had three areas to complete:

  • Liked best, for session highlights.
  • Next time, for areas of improvement.
  • Next 30 days, for specific applications of the knowledge shared during Learning Days.

Of the 19 participants that took part in Learning Days, 17 people (89%) offered feedback on all sessions.

The sessions on Wednesday in which participants expressed the
most interest and shared the most feedback, were:
  • Lightning Talks (59 responses)
  • Project Management Tools & Support (59 responses)
  • Tools Rotation (52 responses)
  • Story Telling & Social Media (47 responses)
On Thursday there were open workshops for:
  • Creative Program Design
  • Outcome Mapping

In the Next Time section, people requested to have better structure of questions for discussion. Other feedback with regard to areas of improvement included: giving more time to certain sessions or activities and making slight presentation adjustments. Most of the comments in this section regarded the room environment, referring mostly to small room size and difficulty hearing.

As far as incorporating the knowledge shared during Learning Days, many people said they plan to implement these skills in the next 30 days.
  • 93% want to implement something from the Tools Rotation session
  • 75% want to implement something from the Project Management Tools & Support session
  • 71% want to implement something from Story Telling and Social Media session
  • 69% want to implement something from the Lightning Talks

In the analysis of feedback forms, we identified different ways in which program leaders hope to spread these capacities: apply similar goals, use the suggested tools, share the experiences and knowledge they gained with their community, and start similar projects.

Some quotes from feedback form:

The examples in the Story Telling and Social Media session matched my own experience on wiki-project, and gave me confidence to continue.
I hope to use some of the tools that were suggested at our table.
I liked seeing solutions to problems that I've had.
I would like more in depth social media strategy.
After hearing these awe-inspiring stories, I plan to start working on a similar project.
I will consider how to better structure learning patterns, being mindful of my context.
I would have liked if they taught more technical aspects and gave more time to the Tools Rotation session, that'd be great.
I enjoyed inspiring ideas that made me feel like I could and want to achieve similar things too.
The experiences were involving and influential.

Lightning Talks


This Learning Day, nine community members presented a lightning talk, a 3 to 5 minutes flash presentation to share an idea, project or program to inspire others. Of the presenters who engaged in this way; most created a poster for visual support, a few had slides, others shared an online portal (on or off wiki). Revisit posters and presentations here:

Lightning Talk Posters and Presentations

Presentations shared in other sessions