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Interesting question, I've kind of fell in love with this name (and fell out of love with its object) because when I was 'younger' I suppose, I took it and used it for every log on thing I ever had. Internet games, e-newsletter sign ups, forums, you name it. It's copyrighted to me!® Its a common name for Jack Daniels and Coke. But I've turned a bit tea-total lately...

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Mainly trawling fundamental scientific articles and sticking my nose into Economics ones also. My two major contributions at the moment have been the recent revamp of Photosynthesis and also updating and adding to the EU Economy articles. I hope to contribute more to Biology and Medicine as my education continues.



British, and indeed proud of our tiny island, but also have Italian and Irish heritage. Currently I'm living in Swindon, England, where the people apparently have a fascination for roundabouts, although we all hate them. I was born in 1989.

I am an active member of my local UK Green Party.As a student of the natural sciences the evidence about Global Warming has proved it beyond all reasonable doubt, while the evidence for Climate Change should all make us stand up and notice.

I am Wiki Liberal.

Have fun Wikipaedians!