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Welcome to Isabelle Ayel's user page! (cf also

I'm using and editing wikipedia from 2004.

My first "edit" was in VOIP article to add Skype link...

In early 2005 I install a family wiki website to save good memories from families and friends (genealogy, families' stories, pictures and documents as well as emails).

In 2005 I setup for one of my customer a social website about Anthropology:
End of 2006 I had the opportunity to make a conference about the "wiki revolution" in Zaragoza Spain and I launched a wiki about Zaragoza :
In 2009 two more "local online newspapers" were running > -
Other Wikis I'm in charge of: - - - - -
My company, ASPM GmbH, is tracking changes in management and enterprises in a wiki website opened to sharings :

I was also engaged in a financial mediawiki portal >

I run 2 blogs : - (about French "conversation" for foreigners)

I curate two Scoopit about Semantic and Enterprise 2.0

You are welcome to chat with me on Twitter >