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Founder of the Knowledge Network WOK.Edit

Wikipedia Activity

Not very active in Wikipedia edits. Have made small or minor contributions in Wikipedia content. But love Wikipedia with passion by building the Knowledge Network WOK on top of it.

Wikipedia related projects (in association with WOK)

  • Initiated WikiMaster Content Conference in cooperation with Wikipedia Nigeria in Lagos on January 29-31, 2018.
  • Initiated WikiMaster Contest in cooperation with Wikipedia Nigeria User Group in Lagos in February 2018.
  • The WikiMaster Nigeria project attracted press coverage with 100 million views on National News at prime time in Nigeria after press conference held in Lagos January 29, 2018 with morning show Good Morning Nigeria interview in Lagos with 18 million views on January 30 radio show in Lagos with 7 million listeners on January 31 BBC Pidgin Interview on the importance of Wikipedia in Nigeria and West Africa
  • Founding a WOK User Group in Nigeria within the WUGN to enhance the Wikipedia attraction by making Nigeria and West Africa related content with Wikipedia articles in combination with attractive and academic questions on top focused to the students need in Africa. In the personal aspect as a woker (one day considered to be a part of a normal wikimedians work and contribution and hence being categorized under this part as "Wikipedia" contributions):
  • Creating over 100000 Wikipedia tags to connect multiple choice questions in the database of WOK to Wikipedia articles.
  • Contributed to creating over 15000 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in English and in Swedish.
  • Having a SuperWOKer admin role in WOK in validating 270000 MCQs in English and 6000 MCQ in Swedish

Extended Wikipedia role outside the box - MAJOR WIKIPEDIA CONTRIBUTIONEdit

Founder of the humanitarian project World of Knowledge, WOK.

The Knowledge network WOK focus on knowledge as being the facts about the World that is accessible inside the head without the need for finding information on Wikipedia. When the facts on Wikipedia has been learned. And helping the process of learning with gamification as a method. Making Wikipedia more fun to use by repacking the content for the consumer. Driving curiosity forward. Making social media of learning facts addictive.

WOK mission is to improve Wikipedia for the general good by creating a free school, a social network platform and quiz games in a hybrid with Wikipedia as a core.

The Knowledge Network WOK is to make Wikipedia better by using it to build an extended version of Wikipedia on top of Wikipedia if you like. This project started in 2009.

Founder of World of Knowledge project making Wikipedia articles with quiz and control questions for academic use in the mobile apps WikiMaster, WikiFlip, and Quiz King).

Today (May 2018) over 410000 multiple choice questions is attached to Wikipedia for the general good in 6 languages.

With no ads and being a free app in WikiMaster and over 140000 of those have images attached in app WikiFlip and WikiMaster.

Any schoolbook without some reflecting questions at the end of a chapter in order for a student to reflect and learn by answering them in order for check what knowledge was stuck in the head after reading is better than the same chapter without.

Therefore: Any Wikipedia article in WikiMaster app with a quiz is better than just Wikipedia. Hence: World of Knowledge project improves Wikipedia. And continue to improve Wikipedia every day.

The outside project WOK is part of the Wikipedia movement just as iPhone is part of the mobile movement moving the "mobile phone" to "smartphone".

Wikipedia is upgraded with WikiMaster. Albeit not being a project run by Wikipedia Foundation or any of its affiliates; Many Wikipedians already get the importance of this project. Many more will follow.

The goal is to integrate WOK even more close to Wikipedia. And to have WOK being Open Source, run by the WOKworld Foundation as a NGO and being funded by Wikipedia or any other nonprofit organizations that will support the idea of feee access to an online school for the Worlds Students .

As making Wikipedians/ Wikimedians aware of the academic value added when MCQs are added to articles. Every article should have MCQs making Wikipedia stronger as a tool for learning. Making it easier to transport the information in the articles to knowledge in the heads of Wikipedia users around the globe.

By having the Wikipedia articles on the web with a quiz in the end without a separate app. As an example in or with any other even better solution with the similar result of getting students a better access to learning.

Erik Bolinder

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