Hello. I am a 30-some Belgian tutor and researcher who specializes in (international) security, security techniques, crisis management, conflict mediation methods and public policy in all these areas. My background is in history and international relations and diplomacy (MA degrees).

I have quite a rich range of personal and professional interests spanning: international and European politics (including theories thereof), war and strategy (including theoretical models: offensive and defensive realism, constructivism, neofunctionalism, post-structuralism), cognitive bias, hybrid warfare, NATO policies, EU-NATO cooperation, natural and trade resources security policy, geopolitics, ethics of war, crisis management, (counter)insurgency and (counter)terrorism.

At a later stage I also fulfilled an 8- month course in Geneva at a reputed institute which focuses on security policy.

For those interested to write in WikiMedia / Wikipedia on security and crisis-related topics, do drop me a PM and I'll let you know if I can flag useful information or otherwise help out to develop Wiki's on topics of interest.