Je suis officiellement débannie de Wikipédia_fr. Par contre, jai zero envie de donner du temps à une structure sociale aussi deficiente. Une clique proche d'une anti-clique y fait la loi, à géométrie variable. Ca pue

Harassment Trust and SafetyEdit

Certaines personnes croient à tord que mon dossier constitue la seule base vue par la WMF. En fait non, j'aurais pu m'en tenir à un diff par personne... Le dossier sert à déclancher leur enquête, et non pas de matériel. Leur analyses se basent sur l'examen des interactions que j'ai eu avec les users nommés, et aussi les interactions que les users nommés ont avec les autres. Il ne faut pas croire que parce qu'il n'y a pas selon vous assez de diffs sur untel ou un autre, que cela a une quelquonque importance dans l'analyse faite par la T&S; ils n'exigent pas des victimes de harcèlement de pondre des thèses de 300 pages pour démontrer chaque agression, chaque storytelling, chaque acte discutable; juste de déposer une demande recevable.

Hello Idéalités,

It’s been a while since you originally reached out to us with your concerns about the conduct of TuhQueur and other Fr.WP contributors. We understand that your experience with TuhQueur has been both unpleasant and emotionally stressful to you, and the impact has been very real, to the extent of it affecting your health. I wish our review could have been completed faster in order to offer more immediate relief to you. We have now concluded it though, so we wanted to share the outcome with you.

We have evaluated the harassment you and others have been subjected to by TuhQueur on multiple occasions over time, including personal attacks, erroneously attribution of other people’s Tweets, attempts to have community bans imposed, etc. We find this behavior to be not only in breach of Fr.WP policies but also in breach of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Terms of Use.

We are aware that, on February 19, the local Fr.WP community banned TuhQueur from the project and that, nearly a month later, you were also banned. The Foundation’s commitment is to respect the self-governing autonomy of communities. As such, we do not interfere with local community processes, especially when that appears to have addressed the problem. This means that we have taken note of the community ban placed upon TuhQueur and see no need for any additional Foundation-led actions on our end.

We have also reviewed, upon your request, the conduct of other Fr.WP contributors — namely Lotus’, Celette’s, Panam2014’s, Azurfrog’s, Manacore’s and AntonierCH’s. We have found that they may have indirectly contributed to the situation, however their behavior to date does not rise to the level of meritting Foundation office action sanctions, especially when the local community has not exhausted all available options to mitigate the issue. We will therefore not be taking any actions against them at this point, either.

We understand that the past 7 months have greatly impacted your Wikimedia volunteering in a very real way. We have observed how the events have affected you and hope that by now you are feeling a little less strained. At the same time, we have to observe that sometimes your behavior also contributed to the conflicts, even unintentionally.

We appreciate the amazing volunteering you have done on Fr.WP and while the community ban won’t allow you to continue to contribute to that project in the future, we do hope to not lose you from the Wikimedia Movement. Should you chose to engage on other projects, we would like to offer one piece of advice: sometimes distance can be catalyzing to resolving a conflict you might find yourself into. By this, we do not mean that you should not continue to voice concerns, when those arise, but to do so in a way that safeguards your own wellbeing and does not allow the margin for you to be affected in the way you have in the past. Self-care is very important and, whenever you feel that a situation is too much to handle or is escalating, consider distancing yourself from it. Doing so may allow you to see it and assess it from a less emotional perspective, which can better inform your future decisions.

We know that you may have been hoping for a different outcome on this, but we also hope that the above makes sense. Of course, we remain available if you have any questions or require any clarifications.

Warm regards,

Trust & Safety Team Wikimedia Foundation