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Haritha Harikumar
Contributor to Mediawiki, Wikimedia
Learn from everyone, follow no one

About me

Hello everyone, I'm Haritha Harikumar, a sophomore from Amrita School of Engineering. I love computers especially web technologies. Apart from that, I like to read, mainly fiction or science fiction and also a bit of history. I've come to love this community and I hang around and try to contribute in whatever way I can.

My work

My interest in the web has led me here to contribute to this awesome software. Also, I like to do frontend designing in CSS and play around with new technologies. I have done some small projects in frontend designing which can be viewed in my github. I hope to work on a larger project which could help me improve my skills.

Contact me

  • E-mail:haritha.h20(_AT_)
  • Blog:[[1]]
  • Github: [[2]]
  • Gerrit: [3]
  • IRC Nick: haritha_
  • Channels: #mediawiki, #wikimedia-dev, #wikimedia-releng, #amfoss, #gerrit, #mediawiki-i18n