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I'm Alexander, better known to the Internet as happy5214 (happy for short), and my primary editing activities are related to roads and highways. On the English Wikipedia (userpage) and Wikidata (userpage), I am responsible for several Lua modules used by the respective road/highway WikiProjects. I also contribute to road items on Wikidata and to road articles on Wikipedia, the latter on a limited basis.

As a developer, I have participated in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) in 2015 and 2017. In both years, I added support for a MediaWiki extension (Flow in 2015, Thanks in 2017) to Pywikibot. I also have a few assorted contributions to a few extensions.

I can be reached via my enwiki and Wikidata talk pages. I get email for each message on my talk page, so emailing me directly is no more effective unless you need to speak privately. Please use English in all communication with me, since I am (regretfully) not fluent in anything else.