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To do list edit

This section lists some ongoing and future activities that I want to do and seek collaborators.

Some of the items will be written as Wikimania 2014 Presentation proposals.

Recommendations of using microblogs to promote Wikipedia: Lessons from the comparative analysis of Chinese Wikipedia and Baidu Baike edit

The word/tag clouds associated with Baidu Baike based on the microblog posts from both Sina Weibo and Twitter around 2011 (translated in English)
The word/tag clouds associated with Chinese Wikipedia based on the microblog posts from both Sina Weibo and Twitter around 2011 (translated in English)
after disregarding the “Yu-Fu-ling” posts
after disregarding the “Wallet” posts (translated in English)
  • Done: An empirical analysis of more than 40,000 microblog posts from Sina Weibo and Twitter
  • To be done: A readable report that summarize the actionable suggestions based on the research findings.
    • Some highlights of the findings:
      1. Online user-generated encyclopedias are important knowledge sources, reference points and even censorship tests for Chinese-language users, as part of their daily digital literacy practices, including learning new knowledge, verifying online rumors and settling online debates.
      2. The Chinese term "wiki"(維基/维基) has become a verb similar to "google" which means consulting encyclopedias, often used in the linguistic form of "維基一下", meaning "wiki a bit". (Chinese Wikipedia's main competitor in China, Baidu Baike, has been launching campaigns to promote the use of Baidu and Baidu Baike using the slogan "Baidu a bit".)
      3. The word/tag clouds based on the mentions of Wikipedia and Wikipedia-like projects (including potential competitors) can provide valuable information on trendy discussions in a specific language domain.
      4. The fact that the filtering/censorship regime of China has given Baidu Baike unfair competitive edge also gives unique competitive edge to Chinese Wikipedia as the only major online encyclopedia uncensored by Chinese authorities in Beijing, as evidenced by the positive testimony of use and perception of Wikipedia projects.
    • Tentative recommendations:
      1. It is recommended to promote Wikipedia and its sister project as part of the whole digital literacy package that offer different and unique learning experiences.
      2. It is recommended to promote Wikipedia, in Chinese context, using and expanding the phrase "wiki a bit", so as to turn nouns into actionable verbs that are both incremental ("a bit") and easy (just takes a few seconds and clicks).
      3. It is recommended to monitor and document different language (or even geolinguistic) domains of major social media platforms that mention Wikipedia and/or its sister projects. Visualization tools such as customizable word/tag clouds will assist contributors and advocates of the Global and local Wikimedia movement to identify key phrases and key players to engage the public via such platforms.

Citation evaluation project edit

  • Done: Pages zh:Wikipedia:來源專題 and zh:Wikipedia:來源 are created and established to explain the rationale to reuse, reevaluate and recalculate the general and specific citation practices and resources.
  • To be done: A Wikimania 2014 Presentation proposal for panel discussion.
    1. For GLAM OUTREACH: the citation statistics report could be re-purposed as locating the visibility of the GLAM project websites across various Wikipedia language projects.
    2. For Hackathon: Statistical and visualization tools could be built as bases for general citation evaluation of a language version.
    3. For EDUCATION OUTREACH: Tutorials of differentiating primary secondary and tertiary sources, in addition to third-party/independent sources can be developed as case study of writing Wikipedia articles using reliable resources online and in libraries (and other GLAM institution in the future).

Citation spheres edit

  • Done: An empirical analysis of all the online external links of Baidu Baike and Chinese Wikipedia
  • To be done: A working prototype in Wikimedia Labs to summarize and describe the source distribution and health conditions of external links.

Participation in Wikimania and Wikisym events edit

  • Sponsored by the Wikimedia UK, I participated in Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong, and published a Chinese-written report in "Media Digest" by the public broadcaster in Hong Kong (Radio Television Hong Kong)[1]及英文書目ref:[2]
  • Sponsored by the Wikimedia UK, I also participated in Wikisym 2013 in Hong Kong, and presented two research presentations on the comparative research on Baidu Baike and Chinese Wikipedia.

Research Graphs edit


能見度前20名網站列表與能見度分佈圖: 極少數的網站擁有相當高的能見度數值
2011 OX 在各地搜尋引擎能見度最高網站:不同種類搜尋關鍵字比較
2012 HK 在各地搜尋引擎能見度最高網站:不同種類搜尋關鍵字比較(多了Fortune 500的搜尋關鍵字)




網民擴散率歷史比較: 北京和台灣
網民擴散率歷史比較: 上海和馬來西亞
兩網路百科歷史: 百度百科作為後發者及維基百科被封期間
百度百科及維基百科超級用戶比較: 2012全球分佈
百度百科及維基百科超級用戶比較: 2012及2009年在東亞

References edit

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