Hi there! I’m Greg Stanton. On Wikimedia projects, I go by Greg at Higher Math Help. Higher Math Help is my online tutoring service; I contribute to Wikimedia projects as a volunteer, and also as a grantee for Eventmath. I'm also a member of the volunteer support staff for Wikiversity, as a curator.

I’m passionate about open-access resources, for both learning and research! I focus on community-building, MediaWiki design and development, and materials on mathematics, math education, and math history.

If you’d like to contact me, head over to my talk page.

On the right of this page, you can see the natural languages and programming languages I use; my proficiency levels are always changing, but I have at least some experience with all of the languages listed.

Below, you can learn a bit about my contributions to Wikimedia projects.

Eventmath edit

Along with Professorbrendan, I created and developed Eventmath as a platform for math, statistics, and quantitative reasoning educators. As a community, our mission is to help students wield math as a tool for understanding their world.

We do this by making it easy for educators to contribute, find, and use math lesson plans based on current events. We base each lesson plan on a news article or social media post, in order to help students think critically when it matters most.

While I do contribute to our example materials, my focus has been Eventmath project management, as well as Eventmath site and community development.

Site development edit

While leading the Eventmath site development, I

  • designed and implemented the information architecture, including
    • the tabbed interface
    • the self-updating directory of lesson plans
    • the custom search component
  • developed and documented MediaWiki templates (e.g. the lesson-plan overview template)
  • implemented site features (e.g. one-click lesson-plan creation and endorsement)
  • created visual design elements and layout
  • performed device and accessibility testing (this work is still ongoing)
  • planned and implemented the SEO strategy

Due to the SEO strategy, we’ve already clinched the number one spot on Google for our target search phrase!

Community development edit

Along with Professorbrendan, I

I also developed the site architecture (pages, categories, links, instructions) that makes it easy for other Eventmath contributors to run their own meetups. As a result of these efforts, we’ve onboarded an exciting group of new contributors. I’m looking forward to seeing the community continue to grow!

Upcoming work edit

I’m planning additional meetups, and soon, I’ll flesh out more of the general site content, produce videos to promote the project and assist new participants, set up the peer-review process, create a press kit, develop inbound links, and craft an ongoing leadership strategy. By the time you visit this page, I may have already accomplished some of these things.

Links edit

If you’re curious to view the underlying site infrastructure, or if you want to learn more about the original Eventmath grant project, check out the links below.

General Wikiversity engagement edit

I also interact with the Wikiversity community more broadly. Examples are below.

Activity on other Wikimedia projects edit

I’ve contributed to a range of Wikipedia articles on mathematics and related topics. I’ve also contributed to general help materials on Wikipedia, such as a tutorial for new Wikipedia editors and pages relating to MediaWiki templates. On Meta, I’m writing a tutorial on MediaWiki template development, for project creators.

My social stuff
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