My Master Thesis's AbstractEdit

Investigation of Curtain Wall Systems Under Earthquake and Wind Effects and Optimum Profile Cross-Section’s Develope

Curtain wall systems are the facade systems used on the surface of buildings from outside. The elements of these systems are composed of covering materials such as aluminium composite panels, glass and light materials like aluminium alloy profile carriage systems. With the progress in technology, the elements consisting curtain wall systems are produced stronger and lighter so that the cost of carriage system can be reduced and the building will acquire prestige giving a more esthetical and modern appearances. Therefore these systems are preferred and getting more and more common in our country as well as throughout the world.

In thesis, it is aimed to give detailed information about curtain wall systems and statical analyses; to develop graphics for determining optimumprofile cross-section and to assess the profiles economically produced in our country by using those graphics and to present suggestions for more economical profile cross-section. Within this purpose, informative knowledge related to curtain wall systems and studies about the topic have taken place in the first chapter of presented as six chapters. In the second chapter, detailed information has been given about different curtain wall systems, elements consisting facades, the material characteristics of these elements, the tests necessary during and after the production stage, national and international standards of the topic and besides the assembly line of facades. In the third chapter, the information about external factors like wind, earthquake, fire etc. influencing curtain wall systems. In the fourth chapter, in static analyses for design basis of carrying-system elements has been explained. In this chapter by making on additional and detailed research, graphics have been developed to determine optimum cross-section sizes belonging to carrying-system profiles. With the help of those graphics, it has been evaluated how economical cross-section of those aluminium profiles produced in our country. In the fifth chapter, the dimensions have been decided of the vertical carrying profiles and horizantal joint profiles to be applied to a tall building. The design have been decided according to the profiles produced in our country and the optimum cross-sections developed in this thesis and have been evaluated in accordance with how economical the profile are. In the six chapter has been given the conclussion and proposals. According to the data from the study, the graphics have been developed to determine optimum cross-sections of facade profiles and by means of the graphs the aluminium profiles produced in our country have been investigated about how economical they are. It was concluded in this study that the profiles were not economical enough to be produced in out country, this it was proposed that the graphics belonging to the developed optimum cross-section should b used to determine a more economical profile cross-sections or similar graphics can be used.