My name is Felipe Ortega. I am researcher and teacher at the Dept. of Statistics and Operations Research in Rey Juan Carlos University. Before this, I worked for five years in GSyC/Libresoft, another group in the same university focused on empirical studies about open source projects and Wikipedia. I received a M.S. (2003) in Telecommunications Engineering from Alfonso X El Sabio University, and a Ph.D. (2009) in Computer Science from Rey Juan Carlos University. My main research line is the analysis of large scale online communities in the Internet. I am specialized in the analysis of Wikipedia data, in particular its community of authors. My thesis was the first one to provide a comparative quantiative analysis of the top 10 language editions of Wikipedia, from different points of view. I also work to develop novel methodologies to analyze open collaborative projects (like FLOSS development projects, Wikipedia and social networking platforms) involving a high number of participants.

I am also interested in reserach, promotion and education/training on libre software. I collaborate teaching in the Master on Libre software, covering aspects related to my current lines of research (mainly on data analysis, statistics and the R statistical programming language). I also participate in the ALERT project, funded by the EU FP7 Research Programme.

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