Currently getting aknowledge with Wikimedia and Abstract project. Nerd (this is my one word description)

Hi everyone! He I am, playful as an otter, far sighted just like an eagle, and smart as a man. Unfortunately, I can’t help here with brute programming strength. But, nonetheless, please hear these true events:

Being the newest it guy in the engineers firm, my supervisor admited the upgrade to Win 7 was very relevant to unlock the ram limitation and Autocad software upgrade. But for 5 problems it couldn’t be done. And if I solved ⅘, it won’t be enough. And the 5 problems were just impossible to solve, so they said.

1st: 4 hours to adapt english commands Lisp code into french code. The best Lisp programmer was at his 200th working hour. How? open every file in Notepad++, find/replace every action call with a parameter calling it in another language.

2nd: Couldn’t install the special software provided, it will only install on Win XP. Waiting for a year for the development team to bring another version. Edit ini file, change program files with program files (x86).

3rd: Couldn’t install the mail sorting software. The engineer who programmed it says it’s not compatible. Solution: Right click on install file, run as admin (workaround for Visual basic).

4th: Well, that’s enough, I think you get it.

Overall, the result was better, but in no way am I a real programmer for the standard of people here.

My goal here is to understand what you’re developing, and propose solutions, work angles or workarounds. If half the ideas I bring are useful, that’s great, isn't it? You’ll have to tell me about the other half (or so).

I have a long term view on what I’ll propose after Abstract, and everyone will forgive me if I don’t succeed like Dr Vrandečić!