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Anna Stevenson

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What is "fraise"? edit

Fraise is French for strawberry. I like strawberries, and French. Voilà !

Where I'm from, where I've been edit

  • Originally from Springfield, Oregon, USA.
  • Spent a year as an exchange student in Lyon, France, 1997-1998.
  • Then lived in Helsinki, Finland for two years.
  • Moved to Nice, France in 2000 and have lived on the French_riviera|French Riviera since.
  • Have also visited Stockholm, Sweden; Beijing and Tianjin, China; Manitoba and British Columbia, Canada; London, England; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Italy; Switzerland; all US states west of the Mississippi River, and also Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

What I enjoy edit

I've always loved reading and foreign languages, and so enjoyed my studies — I have a B.A. magna cum laude in French language and literature, with a minor in music performance, from the University of Oregon (quack).

Favorite pastimes are mountain biking, scuba diving, reading (I've studied English/American, Russian, French, and comparative literatures), gardening on my little 18sq.m/200sq.ft patio, handsewing, cooking, and DIY (home improvement).

My website includes a personal blog/journal and a site on kimono. Photos of my home and travels can be found in my flickr gallery.

Professional life edit

Currently a consultant with Sopra Group, I oversee globalisation/localisation/translation projects, have worked for them as a test consultant at Air France for a year, and was previously a technical writer at Schneider Electric ([PLC documentation) for a year. Before that I worked as a freelance writer, editor, and translator (French-English) for eight years.

On Wikipedia edit

I am also on the French, Corsican, and Norwegian Wikipedias, as well as on Wikiquote.