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Fernando Andutta

Howdy! My name is Fernando P. Andutta (Braussie or Aussielian = Brazilian + Australian), and I am currently working in collaboration with researchers from different areas in science.

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Andutta is a Scientist at University of São Paulo who possesses experience in the fields of Computer Science, Mathematics and Oceanography. His professional interests include Wikimedia projects, science, data science, popular science. Andutta's personal interests include coffee, beach, sea, dogs, and TV series (not necessarily in this order).

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I do hope serving Open knowledge and Science to the best of my capacity. Furthermore, I envisage strengthening the relationships between Scientists and the Wiki-ecosystems. I have edited a number of Wiki-ecosystems as (Fpa1981), and developed whenever possible other wiki-ecosystems that can benefit Wiki-editors focusing on creating and editing Wikipedia articles based on science and researchers interested in quality-checking publications.

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I am collaborating on a number of ideas, which can support Wiki-editors and researchers.

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My profiles include the following:

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