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About meEdit

Hello, I am Fouetté rond de jambe en tournant. I began editing on Wikipedia in March 2016. I hope you'll drop me a line if you want to collaborate or if you have any questions.

“I have never known birds of different species to flock together. The very concept is unimaginable. Why, if that happened, we wouldn't stand a chance! How could we possibly hope to fight them?” –Alfred Hitchcock

Areas of interestEdit

I like copy editing, anti-vandalism, trying to help new writers create articles, and contributing new articles. I do mind the gap, so more of my new creations will be about women than men. I frequently worked with the Women in Red project to choose new article subjects. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to recently resign my position from the Women in Red project due to security concerns.

Articles I have createdEdit

Waldemar Flaig: Tatjana Barbakoff, 1927
Yva: Tatjana Barbakoff, 1929
Stolperstein, Knesebeckstraße 100, in Berlin-Charlottenburg
image of Mia Arbatova


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A barnstar for you!Edit

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
Thanks a lot! Sorry, I am new and am messing up a lot of stuff. I am only now learning how to navigate edits on Wikipedia. Thanks a lot for cleaning up my first page! Please let me know what sort of edits I should be making to make the page better.

Also, regarding the deletion, it was repeated later in the text, so I deleted it. But with the new format, it makes a lot of sense to keep it. Once again, thanks a lot for the edits! ElCapoDeTodos (talk) 05:34, 20 May 2016 (UTC)

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