Hi, I'm Florian COLLIN, and I am a user of Wikipedia in french mainly. I am a small user of Wikimedia Commons, and Wikidata. I love Wikipedia, because I feel useful, and I share my knowledge when editing, and/or creating.

My work

Wikipedia in French

I mainly work for Wikipedia in French, in order to make a large encyclopedia. My field of action is mainly Harry Potter, and American television series of preferences. I also do a bit of maintenance, and I use a lot of gadgets for category renaming, portals, categories period. I also like the people you find there. They are very friendly and welcoming, and several have helped me steer me on the right path.

Wikimedia Commons

Mainly file downloading, by the way I only do that, with some copyright infringement I admit. On this image encyclopedia I have no objective. I just want to share my pictures which become everyone's pictures. Every time I go on vacation since early 2020, and take landscape photos, I share them, always under the same license. I'll even go so far as to say I don't care that people reuse my even images for commercial purposes.


Yes, the same as for Wikimedia Commons, no objective, but just to add inter-language links and content on the pages. My "Work" ends there on Wikidata.