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Hi! I'm Flcelloguy. I'm mostly active on the English Wikipedia, but also occasionally contribute to other projects. In the English Wikipedia, I'm an administrator and member of the Mediation Committee. I'm also an administrator here on Meta, part of the OTRS team, and a member of the Internal subcommittee of the Communications Committee. Part of my responsibility is "collecting feedback", so please feel free to contact me!

How to contact me: Please either leave me a note on my talk page or on my English Wikipedia talk page. Urgent messages should go to the latter. You may also email me either here or on English Wikipedia.

Links: /Sandbox

Projects I'm involved in:
Meta [sysop]English Wikipedia [sysop]Simple English Wiktionary [sysop]
Simple English WikipediaWikimedia CommonsEnglish WiktionaryWikimedia Foundation