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Fabrizio Terzi
Apprentice, Peeragogy.org
"Almost all really new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishness when they are just produced."

A.N. Whitehead

About me

I joined the Paragogy comunity in June 2012. I like to build new projects and help others do the same. I've worked with global online communities for some time now, and am particularly interesting in cross-cultural Innovation Exchange and Education. I spent my past ten years traveling worldwide in hospitality industry. I am involved in social and educational projects related to public access to knowledge and cultural diversity. I am an active member of Free Software Foundation and Peeragogy.org communities and member of the (FTG) Free Technology Guild .

— working on Free/Open Culture. Now, I live in Bergamo, and when I'm not online hanging around with people, I like to be outside somewhere beautiful, hanging around with people.

My work

The best part of my job is learning from community members what we can do together to make this movement even more amazing.

Some current projects I work on, in partnership with other staff and volunteers:

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