Malay Wikipedian from Malaysia.
Writer, vector artist, and vexillologist.
Editor since Friday, 13 July 2018 01:52 (UTC).

"I stand by my oath,
For which I commit,
My blood and my soul."


Greetings! My name is Ahmad, and I come from Malaysia, a sovereign federal constitutional monarchy located in Southeast Asia. I'm a normal editor on Wikipedia who appreciates knowledge and enjoys sharing it to others. I also do vector illustrations, and often reillustrate certain raster graphics such as flags into vector graphics. Speaking of flags, I am also a flag enthusiast. I've been interested in vexillology since I was a child, and I've uploaded to Commons many historical flags which I've illustrated based on the references I've found. I have many more to illustrate, however, with my studies yet to be finished my illustration hobby has to be set aside for a while. Even then, I still do make and upload them from time to time, especially the simpler ones or those which I have done partially in the past.

 My past works     

I do vector illustrations as a hobby and sometimes on request. Most of my works are either reillustrations of logos or flags, but I also sometimes upload other types of photos (i.e. portraits of people or sceneries and events), as well as voice Malay pronunciation audio when I have the time (mostly to edit, since I have 54 unedited audio files at the moment, all of which recorded on the same day as the ones I've already uploaded previously). If you would like me to help do either vector arts or Malay pronunciation audio recordings, just send a message on my talk page and I'll see if I would be able to work on it.

Illustrations for the Malay Wikipedia


Political party symbols/flags/logos

Pronunciation audio


 My upcoming works     

I have a lot of commitments, which means that voluntary and hobby-orientated works such as these often gets pushed aside for more important tasks. I plan to finish reillustrating all the flags of the districts of Johor (they're already in vector format, but have the wrong measurements for certain elements), as well as all the flags of Kelantan which I have illustrated all of them, but havent converted them yet. I also have yet to finish the vector illustration of the logo of the Museum of Terengganu, requested by user Anumengelamun on the Malay Wikipedia. Currently, I prioritise requests from the Malay Wikipedia administration, as well as upload those which I have finished illustrating one by one. I still work on some of the other illustrations as well but most of them would have to wait at least until I finish my studies.