Wikimedia Community User Group Burundi is a startup user group of Wikimedia projects contributors who have been meeting in Bujumbura since September 2019 serving to extend the reach of Wikimedia activities in the country.

The aim of this group is to create awareness for Wikimedia and its projects and thus bring new volunteers on board, and help them to understand the benefits of Wikimedia in our country. We will then edit and add contents to Wikimedia projects in Kirundi (national language), French and English.


  • Our first objective is to maintain the history, the art, the culture of our country by sharing free knowledge to every Burundian and any other person regardless their language or their location.
  • The group will play the roles of hosting different events such as Workshops that aim to extend and improve the reach of Wikimedia projects.
  • We will collaborate with volunteers in lecturer clubs of some high schools in the aim of contributing in writing articles.

Proposed ActivitiesEdit

  • Organizing workshops to train Burundians on how they can contribute to Wikimedia projects.
  • Creating partners to extend the course of Wikimedia in Burundi.
  • Recruiting volunteers mostly in lecturer clubs of some high schools.


The EA strategy summit held in Kampala in September 2019 gathered volunteers all over the EA community on based of Wikimedia movement vision 2030.

From that we get to know each other and work together as Burundians to make in place the movement of Wikimedia in Burundi and try to achieve the Wikimedia vision 2030.

Contact informationEdit

  1. Favina Ghislain:
  2. Ella Mahoro:
  3. Gilbert Ndihokubwayo:

Interested in participatingEdit

  1. Favina Ghislain
  2. Ella Mahoro
  3. Gilbert Ndihokubwayo