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My name is Edward Afful with the online trail EddyAfful. Wikimedian, Web Developer, Student, and Social Media Manager in Accra, Ghana

Greetings, From Accra, Ghana (Africa). I am a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and web development. I’m also interested in volunteering and programming. I'm an advocate of volunteerism and I encourage most youth to volunteer in developing their nation and in return learn skills that can be useful for when its due for a real job.

I'm a growing entrepreneur and am keen on working in the areas of agriculture, innovation and also dive into the business space. Its one of the shunned areas by the youth, but also an area i believe will improve the livelihoods of many and reduce the rising issues of hunger and poverty.

Plan & VisionEdit

Am the Happy one and love to work on open source projects such as MediaWiki and other projects that power free knowledge. Thanks for checking me up

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Email: eddyafful@gmail.com. Twitter: @EddyAfful. Github: EddyAfful. IRC handle: EddyAfful on Freenode. Channels: #wikimedia-dev, #wikimedia-dev-africa & more...