Croatian Wikipedia has been problematic for many years, at least since 2013. There is a history of content issues and abuses of power by admins, as seen in the following RfCs:

Requests for comment/2013 issues on Croatian Wikipedia

Requests for comment/Croatian Wikipedia - User:Dalibor Bosits case

Requests for comment/Croatian Wikipedia-misuse of admin tools by User:Kubura

Requests for comment/Consistency and bias across different language Wikipedias (Holocaust example)

Requests for comment/Hard line nationalism on the Croatian Wikipedia

Requests for comment/Administrator abuse on the Croatian Wikipedia

and in the following Wikipedia Signpost article: Wikipedia Signpost/2019-08-30/Opinion

These abuses have been going on for a long time. Essentially, what has been happening is that a group of far-right admins has completely taken over Croatian Wikipedia, forcing out dissenters and turning the wiki into a neofascist propaganda site. They declare an allegiance to the Croatian state, despite the fact that Wikipedia is supposed to be neutral. Evidence against these admins is found in the previous RfCs, and the fact that they are still admins despite egregious behavior simply beggars belief.

With this in mind, the following proposal is made:

1. Remove the admin status of the three worst offenders: Kubura, SpeedyGonsales, and Zeljko.

2. Remove bureaucrat and checkuser status from all local bureaucrats and checkusers

3. All long-term blocks on hrwiki will be reviewed by stewards

4. Set up a local Arbitration Committee consisting of a mixture of stewards and shwiki admins, to be appointed by the global community at Meta-Wiki


I'm not overly adept in these technicalities regarding admin's rights and prerogatives and what can be done in terms of desysoppings and so on, but as far as I can tell and as I understand it, this looks good. But whatever happens from here, I want to emphasize that you have my undivided attention and support, in whatever can and should be done in purging ideological biases, Holocaust revisionism as well as all other historical revisionism - also any other abuse that possibly emanate from these projects, or even spills over to other (en. de. and so on) - which corrupt to varying degrees all Balkan projects, starting with and especially Croatian.--17:38, 22 September 2019 (UTC)
Also, whatever you need, especially in terms of translating, just ping or leave the message.--s a n t a | t a l k | p i t 17:38, 22 September 2019 (UTC)