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These are ideas that I have and hope that I or others might elaborate on sometime.

Wikimedia weekly newsletterEdit

There is far too little interaction between the different languages, projects, foundation board and developers, this is mainly because we have built the projects in a fragmented way off course facilitating fragmentation. The best solution is therefore to integrate the project much better. This though, is another way to have some interaction. The weekly newsletter should report such things as (in no particular order):

  • Maliningslist discussions.
  • Features developed.
  • Languages becoming active.
  • Policies agreed upon.
  • Big discussion.
  • Wikiprojects in the news.
  • Wikiperson interview/profile (developer, active contributor, sysop, board member).
  • Wikiproject (language) article count milestone.
  • Most edited article this week (or something in that direction).

It should off course be NPOV, multiligual (in different editions) and developed on Meta.

Off course I'm not the only one with this kind of idea! See Wikimedia Newsletter.