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Why did Deviathan become a wikipedian?

You see, Wikipedia is not only a marvelous project — it is also an interlingual marvelous project.

Even for those who speak other languages than English, can access various range of information through wikipedias in other languages.

Deviathan on WikipediaEdit

Wikipedia is the return of Babel.
Thanks to Wikipedia.
Wikipedia made internet not suck.

About meEdit

I am known as Richard Deviathan, from Maldives. Richard means brave power or Rightly Guided and Deviathan means Dhivehiman or Holy person. So Richard Deviathan means brave powered, rightly guided, dhiivehiman or holy person. Currently I reside in India, moving state to states. I contribute frequently to wiki English and Divehi as user Deviathan.
My interests: History, Literature, Linguistics, Philosophy, Politics, International Relations.

I concentrate mainly in wiki Divehi (dv) as it has very few articles. To see my contributions in this area click here.


You can mail me any time! yes:

You can talk me directly on this talk page or Please click here to leave me a new message.

In other languagesEdit

You can see Deviathan's contributions in Dhivehi wikipedia too.

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