My name is Özgür, (Soft "o" and soft "u" ) which means free like freedom. I am a wikimedian and I believe it with all my heart.

Me :)
Me :)
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My wikimedia history

  • Jan 2005 : I started to contribute to Turkish wikipedia (Vikipedi). That time the project was totaly a mess with almost 3000 pages (2000 of them are empty almanac pages) and interface was mostly in english. With ~50 edits per day, there was definitely a lack of participation. I first started with help pages.
  • Mar 2005 : I got adminship at tr:wp and started to focus on interface translations. Created IRC channel and mailing list for the wiki.
  • Jul 2005: Wiki was growing but it was not enough. I started a "promoting tr:wp project" and contacted with major open source communities at Turkey and sent them contribution invitation letters. That letters helped a lot.
  • Oct 2005: I became bureaucrat of tr:wp . New responsibilities added to my daily wiki life. I also became bureaucrat of tr:b,wikt,q. I did an interview with weekly Turkish magazine. This was first media appearance of Wikimedia in Turkey.
  • January 2006: Wikimedia was fullpage on one of the most popular newspapers in Turkey with my interview. Then Turkish National Radio took me live interview.
  • Feb-Mar 2006: While tr:wp was growing, problems growed on a parallel basis. During these days, lots of effort went to policies and guidelines. This brought me more and more close with Meta, Foundation scopes, Wikimedia philosophy and so on. I call this Metamorphosis. :)
  • Apr 2006: One side, people, us creating a pool with full free knowledge inside, and other side there is a huge world, which needs all this knowledge by 1000s of different ways. So I joined to Special Projects Committee to help to these new ideas. Either for using this pool or extending the pool.
  • Aug 2006: I met with lots of wondefull wikimedians during Wikimania 2006 and enjoyed every moment. Shared ideas, discussed problems, became friends. It was amazing.
  • October 2006: I became administrator of Meta wiki
  • December 2006: With supports of Wikimedians from all over the projects, and confirmation of Board of Trustees after, I joined to steward team to serve whole Wikimedia projects.

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