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Daniele Pugliesi (WMIT)

Joined 6 June 2018

Daniele Pugliesi
Daniele Pugliesi
Project Manager for Wiki Loves Monuments Italia, Wikimedia Italia
Nothing is ever finished. Human knowledge is always growing (J. Wales)

About me

My name is Daniele. I define myself a "multipotentialite" because I have a lot of interests, ranging from environment, science, technology, management, education, oil painting, music, swimming and Wikimedia projects, of course! I have a Masters' degree in Chemical Engineering and a master in Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management (QHSE).

My work

I am a volunteer on Wikipedia (where I registered on 2008) and many other Wikimedia projects using my nickname Daniele Pugliesi. I am also a member of Wikimedia Italia and am assigned as a Project Manager for Wiki Loves Monument Italia in 2018. On top of this, I work as a lecturer and provide technical consultancy about process design, process simulation, patents and privacy regulation.

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