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Hey there — welcome to my user page! Read on for more about me, or hop on over to my talk page if you'd like to talk to me. I am primarily active on the English Wikipedia.

I'm a scientist in real life, but I’ve never worked on articles that I already know a lot about (I come here to get a break from that stuff!). Instead, my favorite articles to edit are the ones about the people, places, and things that I've never heard of before. It's a pretty great feeling when you write extensively about something and end up with what is probably the most organized collection of information on that subject in the world.

Much love to the many editors who work tirelessly to maintain the project, especially those who combat vandalism and keep articles in tip-top shape. I try to pitch in whenever I can, especially when I hit writer's block. The recent changes feed is where I often discover interesting articles that I'd like to expand — it's fun to go where the wind blows!