Hi, this is Crisco_1492. I'd like to thank you for taking time to read my profile, and wish you success with any articles you write in the future.

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The Name


My screenname is of a direct reference to Christopher Columbus, whom I admire as an explorer, but there are also other symbolic meanings. The first part, Crisco is a derivation of not only first name of the (arguably) first European discoverer of America, but also my own. Another little reference is to the shortener, which symbolizes to me all of the food which I enjoy so much. The second portion, 1492, is a direct reference to the year Columbus first travelled to America.

The long version


I am a Canadian student,who is currently studying Indonesian literature in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and am planning on pursuing a career in teaching English as a Second Language in Indonesia after I graduate. I became a Wikipedian on June 20, 2005, and currently work on small Wikipedia articles once a week, usually on Friday. I also joined Wiktionary on January 29, 2006. At the moment I make minor adjustments such as fixing typos and adding comments to the discussion pages of articles where I find things contratry to my understanding of Wiki- policy. I have yet to read all of the articles on policy, so due to this and my limited knowledge of some subjects I rarely fix factual errors.

I graduated from J. L. Forster Secondary School, and met a lot of friends for life there. There I also began studying Islam, and have read part of the Koran.

I strongly believe that sports are to be participated in, and not watched. Where's the fun in watching golf? You have to play it to feel the rush!

I hope to see the world eventually, and visit friends I met online. Personally, I think that a world trip would open my eyes to how lucky I am to live in Canada. Some of my other hobbies include reading (especially books by Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy), playing video games, chess, and bicycling.

I am a huge Nintendo fan, but here in Indonesia, everyone uses the PS2 and PS3. As such, since I've arrived, I've been focusing on Playstation games.

I'm a Final Fantasy and a Resident Evil addict. I have completed Final Fantasy I, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, XII, Crystal Chronicles, Dirge of Cerberus, and Final Fantasy Tactics. As for Resident Evil, I have finished EVERY single game available for Gamecube, as well as Dead Aim and Umbrella Chronicles.

In conclusion


Thanks for the visit and asta luego.

-   Crisco_1492