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Wikimedia Cuteness Association-Logo v1.svg Cody Tux

About me

My name is Cody Tux. I'm a South African penguin, but was born in Monterey, CA. I often travel with my good friend TheDJ.

My godmother is Claudia GarĂ¡d and she was instrumental in naming me. You might know my distant cousin Tux. Tux is a great inspiration and example to me, as he has already achieved so much in the software development world.

My hobbies are mostly swimming and Rachel is teaching me about rock climbing.

My work

I'm a cuteness consultant for Mediawiki developers, helping them bring as much cuteness as possible to the MediaWiki software.

I love to code and try to dedicate as much time as I can to improve my skills. I visit hackathon's as often as possible and am really anxious to get more involved with the Wikimedia Cuteness Association as I grow more experienced.