Hello, I'm Daniel.

My History on WikimediaEdit

I originally joined Wikimedia in January 2018 under the username Money12121, but I didn't realize that I successfully created the account, so I instead made another account under the name of Money12122. I used the account to edit Wikipedia. I also created the Wiiuplayer account so I could use Wikipedia on my Wii U since I had forgotten the password to my Money12122 account (the only reason I could still use it was because I had clicked on "Keep me logged in" when I created my account and therefore I was still logged in). I later created this account per CLEANSTART but continued to use the Wiiuplayer account because I forgot my password to this account too, although I later remembered it and stopped using this account. I also previously used the WikitionaryGuy account for Wikitionary and the ICameHereForNews account for Wikinews, but I've now decided to keep this account as my global account.

Accounts on Wikimedia projectsEdit

  1. Money12121 - First Wikipedia account
  2. Money12122 - second account on Wikipedia (I didn't realise the first one had been created) which I abandoned per CLEANSTART
  3. This one - Initally a CLEANSTART account on Wikipedia and my only account on Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons, but this is now my global account. Also note I believe that I at some point had another account on Wikidata but I went back to this account after A. I forgot my password and B. I forgot the username of the account.
  4. Wiiuplayer - An account I used to edit Wikipedia on my Wii U because I couldn't remember the password to my Money12122 account, but could still access it because I was indefinitely logged in to it on my iPad (which is what I formely used to edit Wikipedia). I later used it not long after I created this account because I couldn't remember what my password was to that account either, but could still access it for the same reasons I could still access my Money12122 account. Eventually, I remembered the password to my Money12122 and CheatCodes4ever accounts were, so I stopped using this account, but used it once again due to being confused about getting my talk page access revoked on Wikipedia (apologies for that).
  5. WikitionaryGuy - Former Wikitionary account
  6. ICameHereforNews - Former Wikinews account