my name johan i follow the prophet jonah as jonah ,i am angry about a plant,see jonah 4;9 also because i know it..(10)is totally true i do have pity on a plant i did not make grow yet i have been jailed /court/reviled/hated of a plant

   i certainly could not make grow

that in fact god does make all plants to grow worse appart from being charged of men to have grown made the plant to grow they proved me to have legalised possesion of it check out possesion being 9 tenths the law so i own it i can give it away thus i gave it to the S.U.N,sovereigns united nation by plant breeders/and sovereigns right of creation and further the plant is a plant it is said to be a drug/by a botanical description proving we dont need science these deemed to be legal experts, by the botanical clasification a plant to be a drug see wikipedia and see that a drug is a salt that drugs are dangerouse,note al;l drugs alcohol kills 25 people in every major hospital each day supprisingly minus 2000 is what the health stats say this apparently is accounting practice entering science of the people who died 2000 didnt ..this is because the alcohol has a good affect /in moderation/thus comes off the statistic as a negative so you know ,i do this of jonah1;6 that matthew 12;39 as per40 that 41 by authority of 42 that 13;14 for 1315,16,17 isaiah 40;21,18,23-29 this power is money and we all share rev 22;1,14 rev21;22-27..see isaiah 42; that the might see 41;20..42;1,,2..3 for thus 5-10 14..18-23..40;1-8,10-15,21,23 29;10-13,18-24..28;7,15,22 8;12-14,20 know the woe of 6;6-10 1;16-19..43;5-9..24-28..for 44;18-21 24-26..45;5-13..see fatima 45;19-20..46;8-9..47;3,4,6-8 9-13..48;10-13,15-18,22..see rev22 51;1-7,12,13,21,22..52;3-6,7-10 but..53;5,8,7,5 3,2,1,10..54;4,5,6 listen to her ..7,8even9,,jonah smoths 10 13-16 i am of the horn times 3 the horn of the ox that sits on levi/isaiah the hoorns of the heart(deer)harthat define the four rivers of belief//upon yhe only sure rock i am yet waiting to give you all ..the assurance the money..but its a matriachal/works through your mum she must ask me ,,and i am in sabbat the fruits of the tree ,uses of the tree runs to over 30,000 products.from oil unto plastic..bread ..paper..oil get ya mum to ask for more detail