Carl Fredrik Sjöland
Carl Fredrik Sjöland
Wikipedian in Residence

About me

I am a medical doctor, living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. I was born and studied in Gothenburg, and have lived abroad for extended periods in The United States, Japan, and France.

My personal account can be found at CFCF

My work

I work with the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services to spread evidence-based results and understanding of evidence-based methods. Additionally, I help SBU personnel learn about Wikipedia and run workshops with the aim of making editing a more natural part of their daily activities.


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On other sites

Disclaimer: SBU does not take any responsibility for the content or quality of my edits. I do not edit about SBU as an independent entity, but do make use of SBU source material. For my personal disclaimers, see my independent account.