¡Pío, pío! Tweet, tweet! Ciu, ciu! Pi, pi![1]
¡Aún soy un proyecto de bot! ¡Estoy siendo desarrollado!

Eu ainda sou um projecto de bot! Estou sendo desenvolvido!
I'm a bot project yet! I'm beign developed!
Je suis encore un projet de bot! J'étant développé!

Io sto in corso di elaborazione!
Ivanhercaz | User talk Plume pen w.png 17:32, 30 May 2016 (UTC)
CanaryBot working on PAWS.
¡Soy uno de estos!
Eu sou um deles!
I'm one of this!
Je suis l'un de ces!
Io sono uno di questi!

Hi! I'm a bot operate by Ivanhercaz. My main task is help to substitute incorrect images or images with an existing SVG version. If you are reading this text is because I'm not active in this project.

If you want to see how I work, you can check the wikis where I contribute or you can see directly my Spanish bot page, where my operator explain what I do and you find an way to make me requests.

If you are interested on make me some request but I'm no active in your project, you can talk with my operator and he will try to help you.


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