Hello, I am Rajib Dey and I would sum myself up by saying that I am a hard-working, conscientious, and loyal team member who is can be relied upon to work to a very high standard for my employer. Since leaving my college with three years of diploma in mechanical I have fully committed to ongoing personal and professional development and I now feel fully capable of being able to manage and resolve challenging issues raised by customers. Apart from my professional, nature study is my favorite hobby since my childhood. Firstly I associate it with bird observation. Then I re-evaluated my goals and I determined to find a position that better fits my long-term objectives and where I can contribute to the best of my ability. Butterfly observation, taxonomy study, documentary work, literature review will allow me to develop my knowledge skills. Fourteen scientific journals and two newspaper publications (including Gyandromorph butterfly) have already been published successfully and many others ongoing. Thanks to all.