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“Fun-loving researcher!”
  — BennTheResearcher

About me

Hi, I am BennTheResearcher. I was born in a Ashkenazi JewishYishuv family (born name Binyamin Yehoyhakim, in English: Benjamin Joachim). I joined here in the second week of 2020, but only as an editor for the first month and a half. I started my "writing" activities in March 2020.

My work

My main job is writing, cleaning, and hunts vandals. Advanced-level English, Hebrew, and I know Turkish; middle-level Yiddish and I know first-level Latin. That's why, I also transmit information between these languages. I have many interests: Jewish history, Near Eastern history, mathematical physics, higher mathematics, astronomy, politics, and economics & finance, some of these.

Contact me

If you want to contact with me, click on this address and write.