NOTE: edits to Wikipedia articles or policy pages (including user pages, to the extent they are policy discussions) under this account are most likely accidental.

I've been a Wikipedia editor on the English Wikipedia since 2007. This is my real name and I'm not publicly sharing my pseudonym at this point, although if you do some digging you can probably connect the dots. I spend a lot of time on Github.

In addition to editing Wikipedia under my pseudonym, I'm also involved in organizing the Bay Area WikiSalon meetups, which as of now (June 2016) happen on the last Wednesday of every month.

I created this account after I started volunteering as a non-voting member of the WMF Audit Committee, which ended in early 2016. I still retain an interest in corporate governance aimed at figuring out how we can get the best software and best movement support out of the Wikimedia Foundation. Feel free to hit me up! My email is Ben Creasy (talk) 15:58, 8 December 2014 (UTC)