In the uniform of the World War II
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Legant prius et postea despiciant

Piotr Krystian Domaradzki of Gdańsk, active member of the anti-communist opposition 1968-1981, In 1981 worker of the KK NSZZ "S" (many publications on history in so called second market). Historian, journalist, translator from English to Polish, ex.: ("General Anders and the Soldiers of the 2. Polish Corps", Harvey Sarner, Polish edition Zysk i S-ka, Poznań 1999), ISBN 83-7506-003-8. Author of the novel "Wiórki kokosowe" (Ed. Adam Marszalek, 2003), ISBN 83-7322-671-0.

From 1984 emigree, first in France, next in the USA, columnist and editor of the "Polish Daily News" (Dziennik Związkowy) in Chicago. Co-author of the "Konwersatorium Dialog 96" publications.

Speciality: history of Europe, USA, South-Eastern Asia, military history of ancient times, Civil War, Napoleonic Wars, World War II (especially in the Pacific), good knowledge of the policy of US government, American Polonia and its problems, including Polish National Alliance, and the Polish American Congress.

Hobbies: Tatra Mountains, yachting, oil painting, good novel, good movie, good music.