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Hi Anthere , I havn,t known previously about the condition of number of Voters , acually we need this permission in Arabic wikipedia for some urgent issues related to Voting and socks puppets , anyway we have restored the Voting now to be continued , but still i think the number of 25 voters is somehow high for small wikipedia's so if we try to reconsider this condition in the policy , it would be better as i think ..thanks for ur kindness --Chaos 13:12, 18 January 2006 (UTC)

Well Chaos, the point is the value of 25 votes was set on purpose, so that small projects (who are not as likely to make big use of checkuser tool as big projects with higher needs) do not get jumped upon by a small group of "friends" who might in this way take over the project. So, no, I think this will not be reconsidered. Already, on very small projects, we give without vote, a sysop status to people, who sometimes later behave like a cowboy with newbies. We had to unsysop these people later on. This is reversible fortunately. However, checkuser actions are not reversible and engage our responsability (Foundation), so, we need to be more careful. This is the explanation I can give you. If ar grows quickly, this issue will be handled quickly enough imho. Cheers Anthere 15:20, 18 January 2006 (UTC)

I understand totally ur points , and i know exactly the danger of authority which we try our best not to be in the hand of one person or few inresponsible persons , That is one of reasons for Wikimedia success as i think ( i,m strong supporter of Anarchism ) ... I will try my best for continuing the Vote to get some sysop 25 Votes to get the checkuser permission , Thanks alot for ur Kindness --Chaos 16:45, 18 January 2006 (UTC)

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Information release

Even if the user is committing abuse, it's best not to reveal personal information if possible.

  • Generally, do not reveal IPs. Only give information such as same network/not same network or similar. If detailed information is provided, make sure the person you are giving it to is a trusted person and will not reveal it himself.
  • Revealing the country is generally not personally identifiable ...

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The tool is to be used to fight vandalism or check abuse of sockpuppets, for example when there is a suspicion of illegal voting. It must be used only to prevent damage to one or several of Wikimedia projects.

One is not allowed to use the tool for political control, nor to apply pressure on editors, nor as a threat toward an editor with whom you are in disagreement. There must be a valid motive to check a user (a bare disagreement with the leaders of a wiki is not a valid motive).

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