Writing and editing, purposefully, slipping her finger on the mouse and doing magic in front of a computer screen. I started just reading a few articles about cities, football games, subjects from biology to general science, and many others since a long time. At some point, I ended up intertwining my fingers and tapping digitally against the keyboard, like this, without meaning to, directly on the “Edit” button. Since then, I've been editing and contributing directly to Wikipedia, whether in creating new content, corrections, translations, or even general matters to improve the many articles posted daily on Wikipedia with the help of these dear editors around the world, contributing to a united community for clear, objective information.
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How do you collaborate with Wikipedia?
For a long time I used Wikipedia, I gained a lot of knowledge doing translations, creating articles, and reviewing articles already created to improve them. Until then, I thought of expanding and returning all my work to the Wikipedia, which despite the short time, I already have several contributions to improve articles and more. It's not an obligation, but my collaboration with Wikipedia is always in line with the rules of conduct, guidelines, and improvement of each editor who works with us on behalf of the WP community.
Why do you do this?
I don't seek promotions, and I don't even have goals about advantages and/or privileges in front of Wikipedia, but rather, I only seek to collaborate, whether in the translation of articles, in the creation, in the review, or even, watching over Wikipedia's rules. My only goal is to bring my knowledge and also to gain more knowledge with all the editors who work on Wikipedia for the sake of a good encyclopedia. What motivates me is just my exaggeration in wanting information passed by third parties to be reliable information for all people who access Wikipedia daily through their computer or cell phone.


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